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White silica—a hard core with a bright surface


Our 'white quartz' is a very special filler that combines the best properties of quartz and cristobalite in the form of a part-cristobalized quartz. In this case a quartz core is enclosed in a cristobalite coating, which gives the white silica the stability of quartz and the high degree of whiteness of cristobalite. In addition, the core surface is slightly cracked. This high-performance filler is an excellent choice, for example, for emulsion-bound plasters, silicate plasters and road marking paint. It is also particularly suitable for 'engineered stone' applications.


  • round grain shape
  • density of 2.60 g/cm3
  • whiteness (colour value Y > 60)
  • pressure-stable
  • chemically inert

Main applications

  • Emulsion-bound plasters and silicate plasters
  • Road marking paints
  • Engineered stone

We would be pleased to advise you on all possible applications or provide you with further information. Please call us!