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The Quarzwerke Group as an employer

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Being an independent family company and a responsible employer, at the Quarzwerke Group we have always placed value on a vibrant corporate culture with high identification potential and development potential for our employees. We offer future-orientated professions with opportunities for advancement, a good working atmosphere as well as independent and autonomous functions. In short: professions with a future.

In addition to our guiding principle, we are focused at all times on the highest standards of remuneration for service to the company and have always managed to maintain a healthy corporate culture. Our open working atmosphere, attractive further education opportunities and development potentiality tell their own story in this regard. The regional roots and the great tradition of our company also play a big role in this. We attempt to do justice to our responsibility as a first-class employer with regular events, such as running meets and football tournaments.

We would be delighted, if you the idea of this integral approach appeals to you and if you decide on a career with the Quarzwerke Group. It will be well worth it in any case!