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Highly platelet-shaped kaolins to meet the highest demands

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The Quarzwerke Group has been a reliable partner of the paper industry for a long time. Two product groups in particular are used:

  • Coating kaolins from the Amberger Kaolinwerke for use in (U)LWC gravure and offset qualities, and in the precoat for paper, cardboard, fine papers and specialities.
  • Filler kaolins from Amberger Kaolinwerke for SC and newsprint papers as well as decoration and art print qualities.

Amberger Kaolinwerke also distributes in Central and Southern Europe BASF kaolin products from secondary deposits (USA). On account of the comprehensive product range, our kaolins are used in almost all types of paper. Thanks to optimized production and process engineering, the kaolins are being continuously adapted to the growing requirements of the market.

Kaolins from Amberger Kaolinwerke for the paper industry are produced at the sites of Hirschau-Schnaittenbach in Bavaria and by the subsidiary companies Caminauer Kaolinwerk GmbH in Saxony, Surmin-Kaolin in Poland and the Ukrainian Kaolin Company in Ukraine. In addition, the Quarzwerke Group has further kaolin deposits in Southwest Europe in the form of the company Kaolin AD ( in Bulgaria. You can also benefit from our top quality kaolin for your paper!

Analysis methods for paper kaolins

We routinely employ the following analysis methods to classify paper kaolins:

    - Chemical analysis                              DIN 51001

    - Mineralogical analysis                        X-ray diffraction
    - Particle size distribution                    ZC method V/27.3/90
    - Residue from wet sieving                  ZC method V/27.6/90
    - pH value                                            ISO 787/9
    - Brookfield viscosity                            DIN 53019
    - Haake viscosity                                  DIN 53019
    - Determination of  Aspect Ratio          Least Bounding method
    - Abrasion AT 1000                              ZC method V/27.7/90
    - Moisture                                            ISO 787/2
    - Specific surface                                  DIN ISO 9277

Application technology

In addition to comprehensive quality assurance, Amberger Kaolinwerke offers support in the area of application technology. The primary task, aside from the development of new products, is sales support. A well equipped laboratory is available for performing sheet formation and coating experiments.
The Dixon coater is equipped with a roller application device (with blade equalization and roll coater), a film press and an air knife coater. An appropriately calibrated laboratory calendar controls the satinizing before we evaluate the paper and printing characteristics.

International distributors for paper products

Bosnia-Herzegovina / Croatia / Macedonia / Montenegro / Serbia / Slovenia

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Radnicka 34
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Clay & Clay Srl.
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Via Paganini, 9/B
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