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High Performance Fillers for electrical and electronic applications

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Whether in industry, medicine, consumer electronics or the automotive sector, innovative developments in electronics influence the economic development of different industries. Electrical and electronic applications play an important role in our technological and digital everyday life. The demands placed on electrical power and mechanical strength are increasing all the time. As electronic components become smaller and smaller, completely new challenges also arise. High Performance Fillers can make a major contribution to influencing certain properties.

Our surface-modified mineral flours, for example, have long proven their worth in the manufacture of thermosets for use in medium-voltage technology. By using ATH or kaolin, expensive and environmentally harmful flame retardants can be significantly reduced in some applications. Alternative drives in the automotive sector offer great potential for heat dissipating plastics, and we also have the right filler for cables in our range.


We have a wide range of innovative mineral fillers to improve engineering plastics in our product portfolio. By clever selection and combination of fillers in polymers a technically and economically sensible solution for your E&E application can be found. Talk to us!