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HYRDAFIL® — our fire retardant specialist


Aluminium hydroxide is regarded as being the most important mineral flame retardant in the world and, thanks to its freedom from halogens, it is environmentally friendly and is characterized by its high efficiency as a smoke gas suppressant. This mineral is made from bauxite in accordance with the Bayer process. Besides the flame retardant property, the excellent features of aluminium hydroxide are its high degree of whiteness and low degree of hardness. In addition, dehydration takes place at 200°C.


  • low degree of hardness, 3
  • density of 2.4 g/cm3
  • high degree of whiteness (colour value Y > 94)
  • thermal coefficient of expansion 15*10-6K-1 (at a temp. of 20–300°C)
  • flame retardant

Main applications

  • cables for example made of PVC
  • textile applications
  • solid surface composites made of PMMA
  • epoxy casting resins
  • SMC/BMC and latex

If you are considering our aluminium hydroxide as a high-performance filler for your production, you can rely on first-class product quality at all times. If you require further information on this, just speak to us about it. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!