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COLORITQUARZ: Abrasion resistance and color stability


COLORITQUARZ is made from pyrite-free, round-grained silica sand, synthetic resin and pigments with extremely high light fastness. Each grain is coated uniformly with a two-component synthetic resin system. 7 standard granularities and 700 colours and colour mixtures are available. This variety of colour provides an excellent basis for high-grade decorative applications.


  • Brilliant colors and high light resistance
  • Wide range of colors and blends
  • Dependable reprodcucibility
  • Safe for acqatic life

Main applications

  • Solid Surface & Engineered Stone products
  • industrial flooring
  • colored plasters
  • aquariums
  • road markings

The following standard grain sizes are available (mm):

We would be pleased to advise you on all possible applications or provide you with further information. One call is enough!