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SILATHERM®—for increasd thermal expansion


The requirements made of new and innovative plastics are constantly increasing. With SILATHERM® the Quarzwerke division HPF The Mineral Engineers offers innovative filler concepts that considerably improve the thermal conductivity of plastics and adhesives. The use of thermally conductive plastics provides a series of advantages. Besides the benefits of the lightweight construction, the use of plastic provides the possibility of producing complex geometries quickly and cost efficiently by means of injection moulding. For example, in the automotive sector the number of E&E applications with regard to automation and networking is constantly increasing. With many of these applications the topic of heat generation and its effective dissipation is a big challenge. The clever selection and combination of plastics and fillers can provide a technically and economically sensible alternative in comparison to metal solutions.

Where high thermal conductivity is required in plastic mould compounds, the use of metallic fibres or powders—with the disadvantage of losing electrical insulation—is widespread. Mineral fillers are natural insulators, i.e. they meet the requirement of an insulating effect against electrical current.

Extensive applications

The high thermal conductivity of various minerals normally cannot be maintained in the compound. With the product family SILATHERM® we have succeeded in generating a significant increase in the thermal conductivity in thermosets and thermoplastics. The mechanical properties remain at a very good level. These high-performance fillers open up new commercial opportunities for many applications in which heat has to be dissipated, for example

  • Electric & Electronics
  • E-Mobility
  • TIM-Material
  • Gap-Filler
  • thermally conductive adhesives and pastes
  • thermally conductive thermoplastic compounds

Optimal exploitation

SILATHERM® is available in various degrees of fineness and with different surface treatments. The system-improving properties of the filler are optimally exploited in most cases through the silanization. All products can also be supplied in untreated form.


Speak to us about using SILATHERM® in your company—it will be well worth it!