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Nepheline syenite—our filler without quartz


Nepheline syenite is a naturally occurring rock that consists mainly of the minerals albite, microcline and nepheline. This mineral raw material therefore contains no crystalline quartz; it is inert and is characterized in addition by a high degree of hardness (Mohs hardness 6.5). Furthermore, the high degree of whiteness and the excellent transparency are popular in industrial processing. Our high-grade nepheline syenite has not only proven itself as a high-performance filler in the production of porcelain and ceramics, but is also highly suitable as an anti-blocking additive in plastic film and as a filler for wood varnishes and decorative paints. You can also benefit from our premium product quality!


  • thick tabular structure
  • hardness of 6 (Mohs)
  • density of 2.6 g/cm3
  • high degree of whiteness (colour value Y > 90)
  • high chemical resistance
  • low refraction index of 1.53–1.55
  • transparent behaviour in many binding agent systems

Main applications

  • porcelain
  • ceramics
  • glass
  • clear coat systems (including UV-curing coating systems)
  • emulsion paints
  • silicate paints and plasters
  • plastic films

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