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COLORITQUARZ as a robust floor application


COLORITQUARZ from Quarzwerke has the most important properties for sustained use as a filler in synthetic resin floors. The robust properties are enormously important, especially so for industrial floors. In addition, the synthetic resin floors with COLORITQUARZ can be walked on within an extremely short period of time. The extensive colour variety opens up a wide range of usage options. The range of plain colours and individually combined batches can cater for any needs. The design options for company logos and ornaments that can be introduced into synthetic resin floors are particularly appealing.

The acid-resistant and hygienic properties of jointless floors with COLORITQUARZ are especially valued in the food industry. The advantage: the required slip resistance classes 9–13 can be achieved by strewing the floor with COLORITQUARZ. This makes a synthetic resin floor the ideal choice, in particular for industrial kitchens and similar facilities.

COLORITQUARZ—wall coatings indoors and outdoors

Coloured stone plasters with COLORITQUARZ are nowadays available in a wide range of surface granularities and colour variations and they enjoy sustained popularity. Coloured stone plasters belong to the synthetic resin plasters group that are defined in accordance with DIN 18558.


On account of their high impact resistance, shock resistance and excellent weather resistance, these coloured stone plasters are used mainly outdoors in building plinths. Meanwhile, though, the decorative design possibilities indoors are also valued. The impressive colour variety of COLORITQUARZ allows almost limitless possibilities for COLORITQUARZ batches.


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