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High-performance fillers for thermoplastic applications

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The raw materials of the Quarzwerke Division HPF The Mineral Engineers perform valuable services as fillers in many thermoplastic applications. The reason: the requirements made of modern plastics, e.g. in the automotive industry, are constantly increasing. The property profiles demanded can no longer be met by polymers alone. They are therefore reinforced with high-grade functional fillers on the basis of granular cristobalite, acicular wollastonite and the lamellar micas muscovite and phlogopite. These high-performance fillers make a decisive contribution towards improving the mechanical and thermal properties of the compounds. In the polymer system, and therefore in the finished part, these functional fillers result among other things in increased scratch resistance, a reduction in the mechanical and thermal distortion as well as an improvement in the tensile strength and tensile modulus with retention of the resistance to shock.

Polypropylene applications

Polypropylene is used in a wide range of applications. Among other things it is processed by means of injection moulding into parts for electrical engineering, automotive engineering and household appliances and it is extruded into fibres and film. In the past decade polypropylene has also been increasingly discovered by the automotive industry as being a useful material. Large components, such as side bars, door sill panels and interior trim, are manufactured from these compounds.

TREMIN® reinforced polypropylene compounds

In particular the very good reinforcement properties of the surface-modified, acicular wollastonite TREMIN® 939 have proven themselves in polypropylene systems for years, because compounds with the following properties can be manufactured:

  • very good impact resistance combined with high rigidity
  • Excellent scratch resistance 
  • high heat deflection termperature
  • Low shrinkage of the finished parts

MICA muscovite and TREFIL® phlogopite for polypropylene/polyethylene copolymers

The thermal and mechanical properties in polypropylene/polyethylene compounds can be considerably improved by using the lamellar MICA muscovite and TREFIL® phlogopite. A clear reduction in the shrinkage in the two dimensions and an improvement in the thermal distortion sensitivity takes place as a result. An increase in the tensile strength and tensile modulus and an increase in the rigidity with retention of the toughness is also registered.


Polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 are worldwide the most commonly used technical plastics. They are used on account of their high heat deflection temperature, high degree of hardness and rigidity. In addition, polyamide 6 is characterized by its good attenuation behaviour. These mechanical properties are determined largely by the fillers selected.

TREMIN® wollastonite for PA compounds

TREMIN® 283 short-needled wollastonite powders coated with aminosilane have been successfully used for many years as functional fillers for polyamides whenever freedom from distortion is required. Higher degrees of rigidity can be achieved in this instance with the long-needled TREMIN® 939 grades. The proportion of these fillers in the compounds is between 20 and 40 wt%. The polyamides reinforced in this way provide a multitude of possibilities for the construction of low distortion, rigid moulded parts and are used, for example, in hub caps, engine covers, air filter bodies and electrical appliance components. The compounds reinforced with TREMIN® are characterized by their excellent rigidity, high heat deflection temperature, thermal stability and excellent dimensional stability (TREMIN® 283). High impact resistance and excellent paint adhesion are also achieved by this.

Fillers for temperature resistant applications under the hood

The use of surface-modified, lamellar TREMICA® muscovite and TREFIL® phlogopite influences the mechanical and thermal properties in the polyamide compound through a series of positive effects. In addition to increased tensile strength, enhanced rigidity and reduced shrinkage, an improved shrinkage isotropy and a distinct reduction in the thermal distortion sensitivity can be registered.

SILATHERM® for thermally conductive thermoplastics

For thermoplastics, SILATHERM® 1360 and SILATHERM Advance are particularly suitable. The fillers were tested in polyamide and polypropylene. Despite high filling levels, the mechanical properties remain at a very good level.

Improved properties of plastic films

High Performance Fillers based on mineral raw materials are outstandingly suitable for influencing the various desired properties in plastic films. SIKRON® cristobalite, TREFIL® anhydrite and MICROSPAR® feldspar are particularly suitable for this purpose. The functional fillers offer the following advantages:

  • outstanding antiblocking combined with good optical properties
  • high UV transmission and good IR absorption
  • optimized barrier effect

You can also benefit from the use of the high-grade, high-performance fillers from The Mineral Engineers. Speak to us about your requirements. It will be well worth it!