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Premium fillers for composites

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The Quarzwerke division HPF The Mineral Engineers has been supplying the solid surface and engineered stone market with its high-performance fillers with great success since the 1980s. The mineral fillers used here for composites are primarily quartz (modifications) and aluminium hydroxide. The physical and chemical properties of quartz significantly influence the surface condition of the composite materials. These products are accordingly solid, non-porous, homogeneous and can be adhered jointlessly, which provides a great deal of design freedom. Reinforcing fibres can therefore be waived.

Our product range in this area:

  • Part-calcinated silica sand (white silica)
  • Coloured sands (COLORITQUARZ)
  • Cristobalite (SILBOND®)
  • White fused alumina (SEPASIL®)
  • Fused silica (AMOSIL®)
  • Wollastonite (TREMIN®)
  • Natural silicas (silica sands, quartz powders and double-crushed quartz chips)

These products are widely used in reaction resins such as PMMA and UP, in solid-surface and engineered-stone applications. Speak to us about their use in your composite application. We look forward to your phone call.