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High-performance fillers for adhesives

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In the area of application of adhesives, our raw materials provide a valuable service as functional fillers, by means of which even the adhesive capability can be decisively improved. Wollastonite and mica, for example, act in this case as reinforcing fillers for STP adhesives and among other things bring about an improvement in the Shore hardness. Furthermore, our high-grade silica and cristobalite powders and a series of specially developed calcium carbonates (Calatem) with low moisture ensure the long-term stability of silane terminated adhesive systems (STPs).

Our fillers for adhesive applications:

  • SILBOND® and AMOSIL® fused silica for epoxy resin adhesives for electrical applications
  • Kaolin CHINAFILL, silica flour, fused silica and surface-treated wollastonite (TREMIN®) for industrial adhesives
  • SILATHERM 1466 and SILATHERM Plus are particularly suitable for thermally conductive adhesives. With thermal conductive adhesives as a thermal interface, the thermal stress during bonding can be reduced and, in addition, a permanent mechanical fixation can be achieved.

In this case our stable raw material quality is a proven factor for the achievement of long-term competitiveness and innovative results in the industrial processing of sophisticated adhesive applications. Speak to us about fillers for use in your company. It will be well worth it!