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Silica sand for polymer concrete

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In a polymer concrete, our high-grade silica sands act together with a binding agent that holds the mineral aggregate together. The silica sand can amount to as much as 90% of the volume. With a mineral casting, in particular the good attenuation properties and the temperature stability in conjunction with the high degree of design freedom and the cost advantages are valued and popular. The areas of application therefore range from ultra-high strength machine beds to polymer concrete channels and polymer concrete pipes. Another advantage: due to the shorter polymer curing times of less than one day in comparison to classic concrete, long blocking times can be avoided, for example, in road and bridge construction.

Applications vary from ultra-high-strength machine bed, polymer concrete channels to polymer concrete pipes. A further advantage: Long curing times of conventional concrete can be avoided due to relatively low curing times of polymers of less than one day. In road and bridge construction locks can be prevented.

The Quarzwerke Group —a valued partner

The fact that our silica sands, when used in polymer concrete, must have a certain grain size due to the binding in a synthetic resin matrix, makes the Quarzwerke Group—with its individual grading curve design and the stable quality of its raw materials—a valued and proven partner of industry. You can also benefit from this. Speak to us about their use in your company. We look forward to your phone call!