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Water glass—many applications

Applications generallyE-mobilityE&EConstructionConstruction chemistryDIY productsCSH applicationsPaints and coatingsHealthFoundriesCeramicsPaperPolymer applicationsGrinding and Polishing

The term water glass describes water-soluble alkali silicates that have been solidified from a melt. For this purpose a batch consisting of ultra-pure silica sand and potassium carbonate or—depending on the application—sodium carbonate with CO2 formation is melted and, after cooling down, is milled into a powder. The powder is then used as a clear, alkaline solution or as a gelatinous to firm compound in a multitude of processes and products. Water glass is valued and proven in prosthetic dentistry as a cementing agent in the manufacture of investments, in foundries as a binding agent for sand moulds and for various applications in the construction industry. It is also very popular as an adhesive and bleaching agent in the paper industry and as an additive in detergents.

Optimal quality

The widely diverse areas of application of water glass make the use of high-grade silica sands imperative for the purpose of quality assurance. The ultra-pure silica sands from the Quarzwerke Group in particular are the ideal raw materials that will enable you to achieve long-term competitiveness and first-class results. You can also benefit from our well-known high-grade raw material quality in your water glass production. Speak to us about your requirements. We can guarantee that we have the optimal solution for you.