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Container glass—perfect for liquids

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The container glass segment includes all hollow glassware that is used for storage or for the transport of liquids and foods. Glass is particularly popular in this segment because it is transparent, easy to clean and very hygienic. In addition, glass is absolutely neutral in taste and does not absorb any flavours or active ingredients from the content of the container in question. Its thermal stability up to a temperature of 500°C also gives it a significant advantage over other packaging materials. In addition to its use as a beverage bottle, glass is therefore also very popular as a packaging material for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Our optimal silica sand

We have always been able to make a valuable contribution with our excellent silica sands to the manufacture of high-grade products in the container glass segment. The reason for this is easily explained:for the production of glass, silica sand must have a particularly high proportion of SiO2—optimally at least 99%—and in addition must also be as free as possible from any pigmenting elements. Besides this high proportion of SiO2, the proportions of ferrous dioxide and titanium dioxide should be as low as possible. Our high-quality sands offer all of this. You can also benefit from this optimal raw material quality. Speak to us about it. We look forward to your phone call!