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Tubing glass—top-quality quartz for many applications

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As the designation tubing glass already suggests, it is a type of glass that is produced in the shape of a tube. Depending on the purpose, it can also have various other properties, such as heat resistance and UV resistance. Tubing glass is manufactured from various types of glass and in diameters ranging from just a few millimetres up to several centimetres. For most production processes the glass tubing is pulled directly out of the melt, then separated into pieces of about 1.5 m in length that can be processed further. The three common processes for glass tubing production differ mainly in terms of the pulling direction.

Perfect raw material quality

In addition to their use for lamps, the main area of application for tubing glass is as pharmacy glass. There are lots of possibilities in this case, the range covering ampoules, medication bottles and high-grade syringes. The chemical resistance of the glass is a particularly important and valued factor in this segment. Tubing glass is also used successfully for laboratory equipment and industrial applications, for example, in sprinkler systems. The first-class and uniform quality of our raw materials is always a guarantee for the best glass quality. You can also benefit from this. Speak to us about an application in your tubing glass production. It will be well worth it!