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Quartz powders for aerated concrete

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The construction industry is no longer conceivable without masonry blocks and prefabricated components made from so-called aerated concrete. Our high-grade raw materials are of special significance because they do not work as binding agents as in classic concrete. Instead, the sands and aggregates participate directly in the form of micronized quartz powders in the chemical reaction. The highly porous and mineral construction material aerated concrete is made porous by inflation and is hardened by treatment with saturated steam. For this reason, aerated concrete is one of the so-called steam-hardened construction materials and is used for external and internal walls. Its advantages in thermal insulation and as a homogeneous solid material make aerated concrete very popular, particularly on account of its easy and versatile workability. The consistently high product quality of our raw materials does of course play a particularly important role in this case and contributes immensely to the long-term trustfulness of our customers. You can also benefit from using our premium quartz products. Just speak to us about it. It will be well worth it!