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High Performance Fillers — top performance in industrial coatings

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The special properties of our High Performance Fillers recommend their use in industrial coatings. The high degree of surface hardness, the possibility of a low-cost formulation and the excellent prerequisites for corrosion protection systems due to their excellent weather resistance speak for themselves. Improvement of the chalking resistance stability is also a proven factor in this instance.

Effective corrosion protection with TREMIN® wollastonite and MICA muscovite

Since the classification of zinc phosphate as an environmentally hazardous substance attempts have been made to formulate epoxy corrosion protection coatings with alternative corrosion protection pigments. The best results in an aqueous two-component epoxy single-layer covering lacquer have been achieved with a combination of the silanized, blocky TREMIN® 283-600 AST and the lamellar MICA. In EP single-layer lacquer systems the filler combination results in functional pigments being able to be waived entirely or at least partially. In addition, the corrosion protection properties are improved.

Functional filler TREFIL® 1313-600 in two-component PU high solid systems

High solid systems are an excellent option for VOC-compliant painting. With TREFIL® 1313-600 and a silanized variant based on a natural anhydrite, possibilities present themselves of achieving a formulation with good visual, mechanical and corrosion protection properties with a higher yield and thereby reducing the VOC content.

The use of TREFIL® 1313-600 in a two-component PU high solid top paint coat achieves the following improvements in comparison to a normally used synthetic barium sulphate:

  • A clear reduction in the VOCs
  • Lower paint viscosities with very good surface properties
  • High gloss with low haze
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate
  • A clear reduction in blistering
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • An increase in the yield

Silicate fillers in powder coatings

Silicate fillers are used in powder coatings to influence the mechanical properties and the surface texture as well as for economy reasons. The excellent chemical resistance of the minerals quartz, cristobalite and feldspar recommend their use in technical powder coatings, e.g. for corrosion protection. A specific surface treatment of our fillers additionally reinforces the corrosion protection.

SIKRON® cristobalite in polyester resin bonded powder coating systems

The influence of SIKRON® cristobalite on a polyester resin bonded powder coating system with different filler contents (PVC Pigment Volume Concentration) not only brings about variable matting effects, but also an increase in the surface hardness and an increase in the yield in comparison to BaSO4. With reference to the cracked surface texture of the SIKRON® SF 4000 particles, the matting properties of this filler are identifiable in the powder coating. Increasing the PVC also causes an improvement to the mechanical properties in the powder coating.

Speak to us about their use in your company. It will be well worth it!