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High-quality paints for interior and exterior applications

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Many of our high-grade raw materials and products provide a valuable service as high-performance fillers in building protection for example:

  • high covering power
  • adjust the matting effects
  • excellent crack bridging
  • pure white and brilliant colors

TREMIN® wollastonite and MICA muscovite mica

As of a certain layer thickness, emulsion paints and plasters can have a tendency to increased cracking. The absence of cracks up to a layer thickness of 900 µm must be guaranteed for facade paints. Lamellar fillers, such as mica and talcum, have been used for some time to ensure this. With a standard type of mica, dry layer thicknesses of 1150 µm can be achieved without cracking. The acicular wollastonite TREMIN® is an excellent alternative to these lamellar fillers. Experiments with TREMIN®, a surface-modified, acicular, milled and very white wollastonite, have shown that good reinforcing properties already occur with the addition of only 3 wt%. Incorporation into an emulsion can be further optimized through specific surface coating with TREMIN®. A silicone resin facade paint with a dry layer thickness without cracking of > 1,500 µm can be manufactured this way.

In addition to the fillers described here, many other raw materials of the Quarzwerke Group are recommended for use in building protection. If you need any technical information on this subject, speak to our specialists about it. We'll be glad to help you!