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Kaolin: a top product from Kemmlitz

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Kaolins that have been extremely popular for many years for use in hard porcelain, vitreous china, bone china and many other high-grade porcelain products come from our plant in Kemmlitz. Thanks to the low iron and titanium values these grades are characterized by a very white firing colour and low alkali content. In addition, we have expanded our established range of fine ceramic kaolins—MEKA, BZ and OKA—by the ARCANO series. The kaolin types in this series have special, improved properties in terms of rheology, plasticity and fragmentation—a clear advantage for the dominant production technologies, such as isostatic press moulding and die casting.

Stoneware and vitrified clay

For stoneware and vitrified clay, our kaolins from Kemmlitz are meaningfully supplemented by other kaolin grades from our other deposits, such as KICK 1 and KS 1 T. In addition, our high-grade feldspar and quartz products are used in the tableware industry. You can also benefit from the first-class quality of these raw materials. Speak to us about their use in your production. We'll be glad to provide you with detailed advice and answer your questions!