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COLORITQUARZ—our coloured filler

KaolinFeldsparHigh Performance Fillers

The top product COLORITQUARZ is available in different colors, grain sizes and blends. The basis is the natural, pyritfree, rounded quartz sand out of our own deposits. Each grain is enveloped in a synthetic 2-K-resin dyed with an inorganic or organic pigment as color stable as possible.

Many uses

Our COLORITQUARZ is an innovative filler that is convincing due to the multitude of possible areas of application. The sustained high quality of our product is strongly dependent on the type of laying and the laying system used. The high quality of the synthetic resin and professional performance of the laying by a specialized company should be ensured. Speak to us about it!

7 standard granularities and 700 colours and colour mixtures are available. This variety of colour provides an excellent basis for high-grade decorative applications:

  • Brilliant colors and high light resistance
  • Wide range of colors and blends
  • Dependable reproducibility
  • Safe for aquatic life

We would be pleased to provide you with further information. Advise on your application is one call away!