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Shell-moulding processes with COMIN®

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The shell-moulding process is not new but is imperative for many applications in the modern foundry industry. Under the brand name COMIN® the Quarzwerke Group offers coated foundry sands of proven quality that are highly suitable for the shell-moulding process. Even with complex core geometries you will be able to achieve filigree results. Proven silica sands from Gambach are processed on site for COMIN® with state-of-the-art resin systems in accordance with customized formulations. We are thus able to offer you, with assured availability and quality, a high degree of flexibility for any area of application—whether for solid cores, hollow cores or shell-moulding processes.

The advantages for you:

  • Reduced reworking and costs due to the high surface quality
  • Reduced finning due to low thermal expansion
  • Excellent pourability for precise core fabrication
  • Reduced resin requirement and odour pollution
  • Also suitable for long-distance transportation

If you would want to play it safe with complex castings, speak to us about your requirements. Together, we'll find the COMIN® sand formulation that is most economical!