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Optimization potential through individual grading curve design

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Being an innovation leader, we are of course in a position of being able to specifically control all sand parameters and to fully exploit the optimization potential. In addition, what may seem to be contrary core properties can also be positively influenced by our individualized grading curve. For example, gas permeability and bending strength can be optimized through asymmetric grain size distribution, thereby enabling attractive potential savings. We'll gladly let you also share our latest scientifically based findings.

Basic research pays off

The possibility of a customized grading curve design, particularly in combination with the already excellent quality of our primary product, creates for our customers new degrees of freedom for the implementation of their successful innovations. Extremely low fluctuation ranges in the grain-size fractions now provide for many applications a basis for defining an optimal grading curve. We'll be glad to let you also share our latest developments and we'll support you in implementing a really individual grading curve design.

You can also benefit from our first-class quality management. Speak to us about the use of our silica sands in your core production. It will be well worth it!