White corundum: Hard and transparent


White corundum is a synthetic product. It is manufactured by melting high-quality aluminium oxide. White corundum is more than 99 % aluminium oxide. The primary characteristics of white corundum are its hardness and transparency. Only diamonds are harder. This extreme hardness is a challenge for any milling or grinding process. Our SEPASIL® white corundum powders exhibit a specially designed, extremely narrow grain size distribution curve. The final refining step involves modifying the surface of the particles for the respective area of application.

• depending on processing: the grain shape is round or splintered
• high hardness of 9 (Mohs)
• density of 3.95 g/cm3
• chemically inert
• high chemical resistance
• narrow grain size distribution
• excellent thermal conductivity: 41 W/m*K
• transparent performance in many binding systems

Key applications
• abrasion-resistant wood and decorative coatings
• laminates
• casting resin systems and high voltage isolators

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