New filler concepts for improvement of the thermal conductivity of plastics


The use of thermally conductive plastics creates a whole series of important advantages. Besides the benefits of  lightweight construction the use of plastic offers the possibility of complex geometries quickly and cost efficiently. Electrical components with high energy density require an efficient dissipation of the heat incurred with simultaneous retention of the electrical insulation capacity of the plastic materials used.


The use of metallic fibres or powders is widespread where a high degree of thermal conductivity is required in plastic moulding compounds. However, it is important in this case to take into account the disadvantage of the loss of electrical insulation.


Mineral fillers are natural insulators. The high thermal conductivity of various minerals can usually not be retained in the compound. We have suceeded in developing with SILATHERM® new types of fillers that generate a significant increase in the thermal conductivity of plastics.


Tests in polymide 6 demonstrate the efficiency of the fillers. The values measured show that through the use of our SILATHERM® grades thermal conductivities up to 2.3 W/mK can be achieved and that the mechanical properties remain at a very good level.


This combination in conjunction with the attractive price level opens up new commercial opportunities for many applications in which heat has to be dissipated.

 SILATHERM®  Coolness-Test

The thermal imaging camera proves:
Polyamide sheets, filled with SILATHERM® (fingerprint right) release the heat faster thn unfilled polyamide sheets (fingerprint left).

SILATHERM® is available in different grain sizes distributions and surface treatments. Due to the Silanization, the system improving properties of the filler are optimally utilized in most cases. Only fillers with surface modification were therefore studied for these basic tests. All products can also be provided in untreated form 


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