With a proportion of almost 60 % by weight of the strucute of the accessible earth's crust, feldspars are by far the most frequent group of minerals. Feldspar is a chmically resistant framework silicate with thick-slated grain morphology. In our production facilities mainly potash feldspars are processed and separated by an elaborate screening technique, then classified and micro-ground.

MICROSPAR is the trade name for our High Performance Fillers based on micro ground feldspar flour. Their key prarameters are good chemical resistance, purity and high transparency.


MICROSPAR 1351 has been especially developed for dental applications and is available with and without surface-treatment.


Through the use of MICROSPAR 1351 the almost invisible repair of teeth is possible. In addition, the production of artificial teeth is possible with this special filler. MICROSPAR 1351 increases the mechanical strength and radio-opacity can be achieved (Yb-F). The workability of the composite and the polishing bahavior are excellent.


Improvement to the properties of polyethylene films by using MICROSPAR 1380

For packaging films antiblocking additives with good optical properties have been developed.  In agricultural films UV transmission and IR transmittance are also essential parameters.  On the other hand an optimized barrier effect in terms of gas permeability plays a big role in composite films.


If films are used to package fruit, vegetables, fish, sausage or cheese, anti-blocking agents are used more or less as a 'spacer' to more easily separate the sides of the film from one another. The effectiveness of the anti-blocking additive is mainly dependent on the properties of the mineral used and the correct grain size. Visual requirements, such as transparency, gloss and opacity, are often added to the mechanical properties. After all, consumers would like to see what they are buying and they therefore gladly reach for transparent plastic packaging.


MICROSPAR 1380 exhibits in tests the lowest haze and offers very good anti-blocking values.

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