Mica: A temperature-resistant filler

Micas are natural phyllosilicates with a platelet-shaped structure. There are various types of mica. Light-coloured muscovite and dark-coloured phlogopite are use in industrial applications. They are exposed to various milling processes as well as separation processes with hydrocyclones and flotation before being milled and dried.

Furthermore we offer also the product range ASPOLIT, which consists of mixtures of 3/4 muscovite and 1/4 silica.

• laminar particles
• high aspect ratio (1:30)
• hardness of 2.5 (Mohs)
• density of 2.85 g/cm3
• low oil absorption
• high thermal stability

Key applications
• engineering thermoplastic polymers as polyamide for large, dimensional and thermal stable parts for the automotive industry
• cracking prevention in dispersion paints and plasters
• anti-corrosion coatings

Key applications for ASPOLIT are

• silicate paints
• cracking prevention in dispersion paints
• high temperature coatings
• matting agents for powder coatings
• anti-corrosion coatings

For more detailed information about our muscovite mica, please visit the website of our partner company Aspanger Bergbau and Mineralwerke GmbH.

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