Fused silica: Amorphous, extremely low thermal expansion coefficient


Fused silica is the amorphous modification of quartz. It is manufactured synthetically using an electric arc at approx. 2000°C, and has an extremely low thermal expansion coefficient (0.5*10-6/K). This characteristic is of decisive importance for specific applications that need to withstand extreme temperature changes. Using a combination of iron-free grinding and optical technologies, Quarzwerke is capable of producing fused silica with particle sizes of 1μm. 

• hardness 6.5 (Mohs)
• density 2.2 g/cm3
• chemically inert
• extremely low thermal expansion : 0.5*10-6 K-1 (at T 20-300°C)


Key applications
• electrical insulating
• casting resin systems
• electronics
• precision casting
• engineering ceramics 


SILGLOW - Even at night we have eyes for you!


SILGLOW® is a modified fused silica. The high noctilucence is effected by a special anorganic treatment. The product is characterized by an extremly good mechanical and thermal strength. SILGLOW® is available in several grain sizes and glows in green oder blue.


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