ACRYSMART® for daylight systems with intelligent sun protection function

ACRYSMART® is a new, intelligent masterbatch for acrylic (PMMA). PMMA-sheets based on ACRYSMART® change its transmittance of light and solar radiation as a function of the ambient air temperature. They offer the advantage of automatic shutdown at higher temperatures and the optimal use of daylight at low temperatures. Thus, solar energy can be used regulated and heating respectively cooling energy can be saved. ACRYSMART® ensures a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for humans, animals or plants.

The processing of ACRYSMART® in PMMA-molding compounds can readily be carried out on existing industrial facilities. Solid sheets, multi-wall sheets or corrugated sheets produced with ACRYSMART® can be easily integrated into standard building constructions.

Further information is available in our ACRYSMART®-video.



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