Sand for beach volleyball courts, golf courses, riding rings and playgrounds

Optimal conditions on the course or playing field ensure the best results. The Quarzwerke Group supplies high-quality quartz sand for sports facilities, beach volleyball courts, and riding rings as well as children’s playgrounds (especially round grains with high optical brightness) nationwide.  The planners and operators of sports and recreational facilities rely on us to provide winning quality. 
Our crystal quartz sands are washed repeatedly upon extraction and sized using wet mechanical methods.

- Sand for riding rings
- Sand for golf courses
- Sand for children’s playgrounds and recreational facilities 
- Beach-sport sand 
- Turf-bearing layers for playing fields and sports facilities 
- Aerification of sports facilities 
- Gardening and landscaping 
- Noise barriers 
- Garden paths and gravel walkways

General characteristics:

Our quartz sands possess the following qualities:

- highly abrasion resistant
- weather resistant
- even distribution of grains 
- optically bright and attractive 
- rounded shape 
- no organic components 

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