Composites / Solid surface / Engineered stone

Composites and solid-surface materials are tabletops or boards of various dimensions made of polymerized monomers and resins. The resins used are generally polyester or acrylic. The mineral fillers used are primarily quartz (and modifications of quartz)  and aluminium hydroxide.
The physical and chemical characteristics of quartz make a considerable contribution to the surface characteristics of composites. They make these products dense, non-porous, homogenous, renewable and capable of being bonded seamlessly, which gives designers  free range. And there’s no need for stabilizing fillers.

Product portfolio:
The Quarzwerke Group has been successfully delivering high-performance fillers for the solid-surface and engineered-stone markets since the 1980s:

partly calcined silica sand (Weißer Quarz)
Coloured quartz (COLORITQUARZ)
Cristobalite (SILBOND®)
White corundum (SEPASIL®)
Fused silica (AMOSIL®)
Wollastonite (TREMIN®)
natural quartz (silica sand, quartz flour and refined crushed quartz)
- noctilucent fillers (SILGLOW®)

Sample areas of application:

- Kitchensinks
- Sanitary basins
- Shower stalls / Bathtubs
- Wall coverings
- Bathroom accessories
- Floor coverings
- Window sills

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