Industrial coatings

Features of High Performance Fillers in industrial coatings:

• high surface hardness

• excellent requirements for anti-corrosion systems because of:

 - an outstanding weather resistance
 - an increased chalk resistance

• enable cost-efficient formulation

Environmentally friendly corrosion protection

Effective corrosion protection in aqueous EP one layer varnishes with TREMIN® Wollastonit and MICA Muskovit

  Zinc phosphate is an established anticorrosive pigment. In 2004 zinc phosphat was classified environment endangering. Since then, alternative pigments for corrosion protection for EP anticorrosive coatings have been tested. Best results in aqueous 2 components EP-one layer covering varnishes could be achieved with a combination of surface treated granular TREMIN®283-600 AST and flaky MICA SG.  





TREMIN® Wollastonit and MICA Muskovit Glimmer: anti-corrosion varnishes

Test results by analytic proof



The test by condensation water was performed according to DIN EN ISO 6270-2 at 40 °C and 100 % air moisture over 500 hours. The best result shows the formulation, which is only filled with wollastonite TREMIN® 283-600 AST. It is characterized by marginal blistering on the surface and rusting along the cross.In EP-one-layer-varnishes the combination of TREMIN®283-600 AST and MICA SG effects:



• no or only partial need of a functional pigments.
• an improved anticorrosive protection. This is demonstrated convincingly by salt-spray- and condensation water test.
• an enhanced filling degree and covering capacitiy.

In spite of a high filling degree the varnish systems are characterized by good levelling and surface properties.


New development for High Solids: VOC-Reduction due to the use of Anhydrite

Functional Filler TREFIL® 1313-600 in 2K- PU High Solid systems

High solid systems offer an excellent alternative to formulate according to the VOC-regulations. With formulations containing TREFIL®1313-600 and its surface-treated type, based on a natural calcium sulfate (anhydrite), it is possible to increase optical, mechanical and anti-corrosion properties and at the same time reduce volatile organic compounds. In addition costeffiency can be achieved.

In comparison to high solid top coats formulated with synthetic barium sulphate, the use of TREFIL® 1313-600 offers the following benefits:

• noticeable reduction of the volatile organic compounds
• superior surfaces through reduced viscosity; the silanized TREFIL® 1313-600 EST/2 features the highest gloss
   and the lowest haze
• excellent adhesion
• clear reduction of blistering after 1000 h condensation water test
• enhanced anti-corrosion
• increased yield



Powder Coatings

SIKRON® cristobalite: Silica based High Performance Fillers in powder coatings – the chemical-resistant solution

Silica based fillers are used in powder coatings to influence mechanical properties and the surface texture as well as for economical reasons. Because the minerals quartz, cristobalite and feldspar are highly resistant to chemicals, they are suitable for use in technical powder lacquerssuch as those used in corrosion-protection systems. Specific modifications to the surfaces of our fillers effectively reinforce the protection against corrosion.




SIKRON® cristobalite in polyester resin-bound powder coating systems

The effects of SIKRON® cristobalite on polyester resin-bound powder coating systems with various different proportions of fillers (PVC-pigment-volume concentration) is as follows:

• adjustable matting effects
• increased surface hardness 
• increase in yield/efficiency (as compared with BaSO4)

Matting effect
The matting effect in powder coatings is a result of the rough and wrinkly surface structure of the SIKRON® SF 4000 grains.

Mechanical properties
An increase in PVC in the powder coating results in improved mechanical properties.


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