Wood coatings & decorative melamine films

High Performance Fillers for wood coatings, floor varnishes and laminates

  1. appear transparent in varnishes
  2. enable greater filling power without smearing
  3. make it possible to adjust the gloss as desired
  4. create very hard surfaces
  5. improve resistance to abrasion
    and scratching
  6. are highly dispersible


SEPASIL® EK (white corundum) and MINEX® (nepheline syenite): for varnishes

The functional fillers SEPASIL® EK and MINEX® have many effects and benefits, most of which are recommendable for the bonding systems used in wood coatings, floor varnish and laminates.
Tests were conducted to determine how various filler parameters including dispersion of grains, surface texture and treatment, and filling power affect the coating.

The following criteria were observed:

  1. Abrasion resistance
  2. Scratch resistance
  3. Gloss
  4. Transparency
  5. Haze  

SEPASIL® white corundum: for melamine resins
The use of surface-modified SEPASIL® corundum increases the scratch resistance and abrasion resistance of melamine resin coatings and offers greater filling power while maintaining transparency.







SEPASIL® white corundum and MINEX® nepheline syenite: for aqueous  2K PU and aqueous UV systems

The use of surface-modified SEPASIL® white corundum and MINEX® nepheline syenite influences the parameters as follows:


  1. excellent transparency
  2. improved abrasion and scratch resistance
  3. by varying the proportion of fillers it is possible to achieve the desired surface characteristics – particularly the degree of gloss/matting effect 
  4. increased proportion of solid particles in varnishes











High Performance Fillers for UV- and scratch resistant clear varnishes

High filled, transparent varnishes with TREFIL® 1313 anhydrite



Transparent UV varnishes are widely used in the furniture industry and for the coating of parquet flooring. Hard functional fillers with very good transparency properties, such as nepheline syenite and corundum, have established themselves in parquet coatings, where the abrasion resistance is an important parameter. Coatings for furniture components such as bed frame slats, battens and panels are frequently unable to endure hard, abrasive fillers on account of the metal abrasion that is incurred, e.g. due to conveyor rollers. The high performance filler TREFIL® 1313-600, which is based on a natural anhydrite, provides a filler solution for these UV varnish applications.

Convincing performance by using anhydrite

The following test results show the efficiency of TREFIL® 1313-600 in terms of the transparency, processing capability and the gloss life of the filled system:


  1. All of the tested filled UV varnishes have a comparable abrasion capability
  2. With TREFIL® 1313-600 up to a fullness of 20 % by weight the processing capability of the varnish,
    which begins with the incorporation of the fillers, is good. With this filler proportion talcum already
    has a considerable influence on the flow of the UV varnish.
  3. The gloss reduction with TREFIL® 1313-600 is comparably slight in relation to talcum
  4. The lightening in colour of varnishes filled with TREFIL® 1313-600 in comparison with an unfilled UV varnish
    on a dark mahogany substrate is distinctly lower than when talcum is used
  5. The slight lightening in colour when TREFIL® 1313-600 is used indicates a very good transparency behaviour of the filler
  6. With TREFIL® 1313-600 the stirring capability of the UV varnish is good after 2 months.


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