Building protection

Cristobalite: Matte effects

Paint with a matte finish is produced by roughening the surface of microscopic particles. The particles no longer reflect light directly but in a diffused manner. Each individual cristobalite particle has a rough surface – indispensable to achieve the desired effect.

Cristobalite also has excellent colour consistency. In addition, because it is white it is possible to use less TiO2 without sacrificing whiteness or dry hiding power.
Today, most emulsion paints and synthetic resin-bound plasters are sold by volume. Using cristobalite as a functional filler can be an important cost-saving factor thanks to its lower density (2.35 g/cm3) as compared with calcite (2.70 g/cm3).

Dispersion paints and plasters sometimes have an increased tendency to crack at certain thicknesses. Paints for building industry must be able to withstand this cracking tendency at thicknesses of up to 900 µm. To achieve this, flaky fillers such as mica and talc have been in use for some time. With a standard grade of mica, it is possible to achieve thicknesses of 1.150 µm without cracking. An excellent alternative to flaky fillers is an acicular milled TREMIN® wollastonite. Experiments with TREMIN® have shown that the addition of just three percent of the total weight achieves very good reinforcing characteristics. Coating the surface of TREMIN® enhances its use in dispersion paints. It is possible to produce house paintings that can be applied in dry thicknesses of up to 1.500 µm without cracking.


"Weisser Quarz" and COLORITQUARTZ: More attractive facades

Product features of „Weisser Quarz“ when used as structural filler:

- High degree of whiteness: Production of “pure white” plasters 
- Consistent and stable "rolling" grain: For decorative plasters with various surface textures 
- Chemically inert: Weather-resistant plasters

Product features of  COLORITQUARTZ:

- strong chemical resistance
- strong weather resistance
- Abrasion reistance

These characteristics make it recommendable to use coloured quartz in coloured and mosaic plasters. Coloured quartz is available in a broad range of grain sizes and colours. more ..


TREMIN® Wollastonite and MICA Muskovite: Crackbridging

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