Silica sand with outstanding characteristics for use in foundries

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For generations, founders and casters have relied on silica sand from Haltern. Thanks to its outstanding characteristics which make it ideal for foundry work, silica sand from Haltern is used both as moulding material and in foundries for aluminium, iron and steel. Sand from Haltern has also been in use for decades as a standard for research and development, e.g. for comparing bonding agents and moulding formulas.
The decisive and unique characteristics that have secured sand from the Haltern deposit its leading market position include the rounded shape and smooth surface of its individual particles, which account for their extreme hardness. 
But foundry sands from our other deposits are also of high quality. Quarzwerke classifies as foundry sand only silica sand that is extremely pure and fulfils the following quality criteria:


- high SiOcontent (> 99 %) 
- low sludge content
- low degree of combustion loss
- high degree of dryness
- low abrasion
- resistance to high temperatures


Especially in the production of casting cores, these characteristics result in reduced need for bonding agents.


This results in decisive advantages for foundries, including improved efficiency, lower potential for the formation of gas, and reduced emissions and odours during the casting process. 

Quarzwerke Group foundry sand is ideal for all air-hardening, heat-hardening and gas-hardening processes to produce casting cores. Foundry sand is our passion.

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