Our filter products: Much better than standard!

Our filter sands are free of impurities, especially organic substances. They filter out  heavy metals and silicic acid and are highly resistant to acids and bases. The SiO2 content is > 96%. Because they remove colloidal particles from water, these filter sands are also suitable for the production of drinking water. 
The performance of our leading products speaks for itself. We have conducted many international projects to the full satisfaction of our customers. You too can benefit from the experience and expertise we have to offer

Economic benefits for you                                                              


-  The proportion of feldspar is smaller than 3%, which is much better than standard. This ensures considerably faster backwash times and reduces costs over the course of the product’s useful life.
- The high abrasion-resistance and hardness of the quartz crystals means the filters can be used much longer.
-  The rounded-off corners of the particles ensure optimal throughput time for the filtrate, which is especially important at peak load times.
-  The large selection of various types of grain with a consistent particle size makes it possible to optimize the particle size for specific filtering facilities.
-  High-volume orders for new facilities and filter sand replacement can be delivered “just in time.”

Areas of application for filter sand


- Conditioning drinking water
- Food industry
- Desalination plants
- Beverage industry
- Conditioning process water
- Treating water for domestic use (especially for swimming pools)
- Conditioning industrial water
- Clarification of waste water


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