Can additional measures be undertaken to improve resistance to weathering (e.g. shrink hood on top or plastic foil between the palette and the first layer of sacks)?
In individual cases, this is possible upon request, but incurs additional costs.

Can other materials (e.g. hard material, citric acid or other powders) be added?
This depends on the additional substance; for clarification please consult the application technology lab.

Which kaolins are safest to use, with regard to their heavy metal content?
Kaolin extracted from different deposits contains various amounts of trace minerals. Various areas of application require fillers to conform to certain characteristics documented in relevant standards and norms.  Amberg Kaolin Works offers two kaolin fillers, Pharmakaolin B860 and CHINAFILL BSK-H, that are appropriate for use in a pharmaceutical context or for children’s toys, in compliance with the Pharmacopoea Europaea and DIN EN 71-3 ("toy standard").

Is it possible to control/limit the moisture content of granulates?
Due to the production processes, fluctuations between 10% and 15% can be expected.

Can products from Amberg Kaolin Works be packaged in non-labelled or customer-specific containers?
Yes. The sales department can prepare an offer based on your requirements.