Constructional chemicals - Quarzwerke was there at the beginning

Our processing sets new standards

To meet our customers’ requirements, Quarzwerke maintains state-of-the-art, high-performance processing plants where the silica sand is washed, classified, dried, ground and coated. 

Technology and development


The steady and continuous improvement in construction chemicals that has produced modern high-performance building materials has also resulted in higher demands being placed on our products. Today the Quarzwerke Group supplies not only purified silica sand but also refined and modified minerals from various deposits around Europe, as well as high-performance fillers of diverse kinds for all areas of the construction and chemical industries. Our sales force, technicians and logistics partners can help you choose the right raw materials and are always available to provide assistance and support through a wide range of offered services. 


Quarzwerke Group products are very popular due to their premium quality and the comprehensive

services on offer.Our silica sand and silica flour make animportant contribution to the high quality of construction chemicals and construction materials. The various grades of sand we supply are known for their light colour, chemical purity (well more than 99% SiO2) and consistently good quality. The grains are rounded – a desirable quality – and feature consistent particle-size distribution within the various different classes of grain size available.




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