Quartz products for the construction industry

For the construction industry in central Europe, especially in Germany, the quality raw materials supplied by the Quarzwerke Group enjoy a long tradition and a well-earned favourable reputation. Thanks to its ore and mineral deposits, the Quarzwerke Group has been a capable and reliable supplier to industrial and construction companies for nearly 125 years.
The raw sand extracted from the deposits of the Quarzwerke Group is removed in such a way as to ensure maximum quality from the very outset. In the subsequent, elaborate processing steps, the silica sand is washed and classified using optical scanning and wet-end digesting. In additional refining steps, the silica sand is drained and dried or ground using iron-free milling techniques to produce our high-quality products.





The Quarzwerke Group comprises numerous production facilities in Western and Eastern Europe so transport costs to the final destination can be kept to a minimum.


The industrial minerals silica sand and quartz gravel possess the following characteristics:
- highly abrasion-resistant
- weather resistant 
- grains are evenly distributed 
- high chemical stability 
- a naturally light colour 
- rounded edges


Quartz flour and micro-powder also exhibit the following characteristics:
- chemically resistant
- little need for bonding agents


The main areas of application are 
-  aggregates for concrete, ready-mix concrete, concrete paving blocks and slabs
-  sand-lime bricks
-  aerated (porous) concrete
-  flooring sand
-  masonry mortar
-  pavement sand
-  mineral rendering plaster, e.g. basic, fine, stucco etc. 
-  road construction
-  canal construction/excavation
-  pit refilling
-  coatings for roof sheetings


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