COLORITQUARZ for indoor and outdoor wall coverings

Variegated stone plaster belongs to the family of synthetic resin plasters as defined by DIN standard 18558. These plasters are available with various different surface structures and colours.
Because it is highly resistant to weathering and impact, variegated stone plaster was initially primarily used on the outside of the base of buildings. Nowadays, however, variegated stone wall coatings are also highly appreciated for their design potential. The impressive range of colours and colour combinations afforded by COLORITQUARZ opens up nearly limitless possibilities for the use of coloured quartz mixtures in wall plaster. 
Variegated stone plaster is offered ready-to-use, and is generally sold as a solvent-free dispersion. Modern variegated stone plaster is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Increasingly, the decorative benefits of these robust wall-finishing products are being exploited in a number of ways. Variegated stone walls can be found in heavily trafficked areas of public buildings, such as stairwells in schools and kindergartens, and are often an optical highlight in homes as well.