Colourful, robust and edge rounded

COLORITQUARZ possesses the most important characteristics required of fillers for synthetic resin flooring and in particular for industrial flooring. Synthetic resin flooring is ready to use shortly after it has been laid, and the extensive colour range of COLORITQUARZ offers a broad palette of solid colours as well as individual combinations. This makes it possible to create synthetic resin floors with a variety of design elements, including company logos or attractive ornamentation.

n the food industry in particular, flooring made with COLORITQUARZ is highly appreciated because it is resistant to acid, very hygienic, food-safe and contains no seams or joints. Using coloured quartz as blotter material achieves the required anti-slip classifications 9-13. Because they are waterproof and easy to clean, synthetic resin floors are also used in professiona kitchens.                                

                                               (Foto above: Koller and Fellner)

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