What fixing agents are used to bind the pigments with the quartz particles?
A 2-K synthetic resin system based on epoxy resin or polyurethane.

What types of resin can coloured quartz be used with?
With all conventional resin systems, e.g. PU, EP, MMA, PE etc.

Which non-fading pigments are recommended for outdoor use?
Following numerous weathering tests and on the basis of the specifications provided by our pigment suppliers, we are able to make recommendations for the use of various coloured quartz pigments. You will find them in our technical documentation.

Can all pigments and all particle sizes be combined homogenously?
Pigments: Yes, with the following caveat: Mixing PU-coated (snow white) with EP-coated coloured quartz can result in flocculation. 
Grain sizes: Homogenous combinations require a steady and narrow particle size curve to guard against separation.

What costs do the various components for mixtures or combinations entail?
Precise calculations can only be arrived at on the basis of individual queries.

What are the differences between coloured quartz and decorative crushed stone?
Coloured quartz: Quartz base / Decorative crushed stone: Crushed limestone base.

How much material is required for a given surface (material consumption)?
Mean density 1.5 t /  m³
Approx. consumption per m2 of covered surface:
Sprinkled synthetic resin flooring: 5 kg coloured quartz.
Smooth synthetic resin flooring: 2 kg coloured quartz per mm of thickness.
Synthetic resin plaster: 4.5 kg coloured quartz 1.2-1.8 mm or 2.5 kg coloured quartz 0.4-0.8 mm.

What are the conventional thicknesses for coloured quartz when used in flooring?
Depending on the system and the uses the floor is subjected to: >2 mm.

Which particle sizes can be used to achieve which anti-slip classifications?
Anti-slip classifications can only be achieved by the overall system. The highest classifications are achieved by sprinkled synthetic resin floors, whereby this effect can be countered when greater thicknesses are applied. For more details, please consult your supplier of synthetic resin.

Is it possible to order natural sand/flours with customized grain size distribution, and if so, what is the minimum order quantity?
Please consult our sales representative and the application technology laboratory.

Is coloured quartz also available as loose material?
Not at this time.

Is it possible to fill big bags with e.g. 750 kg or other quantities that deviate from the norm?
This is generally possible upon request.

Can additional measures be undertaken to improve resistance to weathering (e.g. shrink hood on top or plastic foil between the palette and the first layer of sacks)?
In individual cases, this is possible upon request, but incurs additional costs.