COLORITQUARZ – extremely decorative

Artist Evi Steiner-Böhm covered ten columns with COLORITQUARZ sand to create a “Forest of Colour“ that visualizes the evolution of humankind while at the same time inspiring and relaxing viewers through the manner in which the colours affect them.
Some time ago she realized how useful our silica sand – familiar to many as a floor and wall covering – can be as an expressive and decorative medium, and has used it in her latest creations. Following a two-year-long preparation phase involving a number of drafts, the artist’s ideas are now taking on concrete form.
A native of Sulzbach, Germany, Steiner-Böhm traded her paintbrush for a trowel and putty, and established a studio near the COLORITQUARZ application technology laboratory at the Amberger Kaolinwerke.
This requires extreme care and sensitivity on the part of the artist – even during the preparation phase. She hast to select, weigh and mix the sand and resin components in such a way as to ensure that each layer adheres properly and smoothly while remaining robust and weather-resistant. “Painting” with sand is not always easy.

Very often, COLORITQUARZ is used to create attractive ornamentation or coats of arms, as well as logos and symbols that catch the viewer’s eye, such as the coat of arms of Pope Benedict XVI shown here. It’s easy to create contours and coloured surfaces of any kind, and designs can be re-created in great detail.




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