First-class kaolin for uses of all kinds

Thanks to our varied deposits and state-of-the-art processing facilities, we are able to provide a wide rangeof kaolin types suitable for any and all applications. Regardless whether your priority is a pure white firing colour, plasticity, rheology, casting rate, part formation or a combination of these parameters, you are sure to find an ideal solution among our range of products.

Our ceramic kaolins are extracted from deposits at Hirschau/Schnaittenbach and Kemmlitz (Germany), Gluhivzi (Ukraine) and Surmin (Poland). In addition to raw and natural kaolin, we offer cyclonized kaolin in granulate or ground form.

Technical data of ceramic kaolin types 2008


Technical data of ceramic crude kaolin types 2008



High-quality potash feldspar

Amberger Kaolinwerke is one of the very important potassium feldspar producers in Europe. Our feldspar varieties are of consistently high quality and contain little iron and titanium, with a high overall proportion of feldspar. In addition to their use in making glazes, feldspar products of Amberg Kaolin Works are found in various different putties and compounds. 
The feldspars can be prepared in fine-grained form (moist or dry) or in ground form with various finenesses to cover all requirements.







AS 45 highly calcinated chamotte

The highly-tempered kaolin chamotte AS 45 from Amberger Kaolinwerke has traditionally been an outstanding component of ceramic glazes of nearly all kinds.

Kaolin pellets are fired in a rotary kiln at 1380°C to achieve a high degree of calcination. This high-quality product is available in granular or powder form.


The variety of quartz

All quartz products supplied by the Quarzwerke Group are subjected to ongoing chemical analysis and purity tests. This quality assurance explains why our highly pure quartz products are used in many different kinds of ceramic clays, including premium glazes. Thanks to our multiple production sites, we are able to offer an unparalleled range of different grain sizes and powder qualities.
We will be happy to provide more details about our broad range of offerings.

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Technical data of ceramic feldspar, chamotte and quartz types 2008

Analysis and grading forms

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