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The raw materials kaolin, quartz and feldspar are the cornerstones of the ceramic industry. The Quarzwerke Group has decades of experience in preparing and processing these products. Due to the variety of our product portfolio, optimal solutions for all ceramics fields can be provided. The consistency of individual qualities with ever narrower limit values ensures ideal production at our clients’ sites with highly efficient manufacturing technologies. At the same time, we constantly strive to improve the quality and working properties of our products. This is evident in our successful new product developments over recent years.


With our wide array of production locations, we are also able to provide you with optimised logistical solutions.



The foundation: our diverse range of natural mineral deposits



The foundation of Amberger Kaolinwerke’s high quality standards is the mineralogical individuality of each natural mineral deposit, enabling the processing and finishing of products with highly specific properties. Procedures at all deposits conform to very strictly defined specifications.
Kaolins, kaolin chamotte, potassium feldspars and silica powders of Amberger Kaolinwerke are used in the compound and glaze formulas of all major brand manufacturers of crockery, sanitary ware, tiles and stove tiles, as well as in technical ceramics and insulators.
The kaolin range includes superwhite plastic kaolins with good rheological characteristics for tableware ceramics, and also kaolins with excellent liquefaction and casting rate properties for the sanitary industry. These raw materials are also components in white and superwhite fired colour tile recipes.
We also have a product with extremely high plasticity available, specifically for use in formulations for the manufacture of high-voltage insulators.


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