To be able to supply its customers on a just-in-time basis, Quarzwerke has gotten into the transport business. With the help of its new affiliates, MST, MITRA, Progrew (Czech Republic) and Osgrew (Poland), Quarzwerke can ensure that its top-grade minerals alway arrive on time.


Having a cross-regional presence plus production locations close to our customers helps shorten our transport routes. This is in turn minimizes our freight costs and provides a high degree of supply reliability. 
Additional warehouses in Stuttgart and Mannheim supplement our comprehensive supply network, especially with regard to Southern Germany.

We also make extensive use of rail transport, which is particularly attractive thanks to its environmentally friendly character. Block trains with a capacity of 1,000 tons serve to supply our South German distribution warehouses, which can then quickly dispatch our products to customers. Thanks to our speedy and unconventional approach to logistics using regional carriers, our silica sand is always there where and when it’s needed!

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