Central laboratory/external services

The central laboratory in Frechen
Quarzwerke’s central laboratory is a state-of-the-art analytic facility that conducts quality control for mineral flours and silica sands. The lab also performs specialized analyses, with a focus on the testing of mineral substances, glass and foundry sands, as well as high-performance fillers.  Standard processes are almost completely automated. A wide range of sophisticated instrumental analysis and physical measurement techniques are used, ensuring that our broad palette of products and materials can be assigned accurate specifications.

Working closely with our R & D and Technical Preparation departments, the lab provides analytical support for new products during the development phase, including the application of novel methodologies and measurement techniques. This ensures that new materials being launched on the market can be described by means of reproducible specifications.




In the process, the following methods are used:

• Element Determination
• Particle analysis.
• Structural determination and substance identification.
• Rheological tests.
• Determination of the specific surface. 
• Light microscopy and digital image analysis.
• Heavy mineral analysis.
• Chromatographic and thermal analysis.
• Determination of thermal characteristics.