Kerkosand plant (Slovakia)

The Quarzwerke Group has owned the plant since 2001.
The quartz sand date back to the Quarternary Period – to be more precise, the “worm” period. This makes the deposit in Sajdíkove Humence the youngest, geologically speaking, in the Quarzwerke Group.

The sands produced here are primarily used in the Slovakian and Czech foundry and glass industries, as well as construction, construction chemicals and other specialized industries. The typical round shape of the grains and their homogeneity are characteristic for all the types of sand produced at Sajdíkove Humence. The range of products includes mid-size grains from 0.17 – 0.70 mm (
SH 0,5-1,4; SH 0,3-0,8; SH 32; SH 33; SH 34; SH 35).