Provodin plant (Czech Republic)

Excavation of silica sand began in Provodín in 1913. The company is carrying on the tradition of the “Wilhelm Schulz First North Bohemian Glass Sand and Sandstone Brick Works."

The Quarzwerke Group acquired Provodínské pisky a. s. in 1992.



The silica sand deposit lies to the south of Česká Lípa and was formed about 100 million years ago through coastal sedimentation of small-to-medium-sized grains of sand in a shallow sea in the so-called North Bohemian basin. The sands are processed using state-of-the-art technology and methods to produce standardized raw materials for the glass, foundry and construction chemical industries. The following types are available:
PR 30; PR 30/31; PR 31; PR 32; PR33; PR13; PR 21; PR 23;  PR 0,5-1; PR 1-2; PR 0,6-1,2 and PR 1,6-4.