Biała Góra plant (Poland)

Biała Góra is located in the center of Poland, about 100 kilometers south of Warsaw, and is one of Poland’s leading producers of silica sand.The existing reserves in the deposit make it one of Europe’s largest. The quality of the raw material is excellent, and the plant’s products are suitable for applications of all kinds and complete the range of Quarzwerke Group products in Poland. 


The board of  TKSM „Biała Góra“ Sp. z o.o.: Andrzej Góralczyk, Dorota Milczarek, Sławomir Mokrzysz, Henryk Wilczynski, Robert Lindemann-Berk, Thomasz Rybak, Jens-Uwe Klemens, Dr. Waldemar Jaschko, Dr. Paul Páez-Maletz.




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